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Synthesis Multimedia Productions is a video provider for many web sites, such as The Washington Post and DMVSTREAM.COM

We have agreements in place to sell videos you may see on these sites.


There are two options for purchasing a broadcast.

OPTION 1: "Get in on DVD"

The order will be shipped to your location on a DVD format, viewable on computers and televisions.

OPTION 2: "Digital File Transfer"

You can purchase a "Digital File Transfer," which means the item will be emailed to your inbox and available for download.

What format?
Which broadcast? Date/Teams?

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Synthesis Multimedia Productions is dedicated to helping foster the next generation of new media journalists. Through numerous hands-on internships and freelance opportunities, aspiring video journalists and digital story-tellers are given the opportunity to learn on the job, interact with reporters from major media organizations, produce their own packages and, most importantly, produce clips that will help them get their next job or launch their career.

To apply for an internship with Synthesis send:

• Cover Letter
• Resume
• Contact Information
• Writing and Video/Multimedia clips

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