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How to Shoot High-Quality Event Video, Part II: Equipment

In our last post, we explained why planning is so important to any video project.

But the perfect plan can fall apart quickly if you use the wrong tools.

At a video shoot, your tools are the equipment: the cameras, microphones, tripods, cables and more.

In today’s post, the second of a five-part series focusing on the crucial aspects of event video, we’ll share our tips on making sure you use the proper video equipment at your next event.

Video equipment can be expensive, and the multiple brand names, specs and formats seem daunting to many. But anyone shooting event video needs to understand it — without high quality picture and audio, you will not be able to achieve your video goals.

Equipment for Your Next Event Video

Many organizations on a budget choose to purchase video equipment that they can reuse rather than hiring an AV contractor — a sunk cost after a single event.

This is a viable option for many organizations, but companies often choose the wrong gear. It can be a costly mistake, too — for example, a group running an event might purchase a $5,000 camera that doesn’t have the right audio input to take an in-house feed from the venue’s sound system.

Another common mistake is tasking staffers who don’t understand how to use the equipment with producing video. If you’re using in-house staff to shoot or edit your video, make sure both you and the staffer understand what your equipment can — and can’t — do. Better yet, get the staffer some training.

There are two ways you can make sure you get the right gear for the job. One is research — read reviews and how-to guides, making sure you choose the correct microphones, audio cables, video cameras, tripods and more for your project.

Or you seek out opinions from experts on the best options for your event (something we can help you with at Synthesis).

“There’s nothing worse than seeing a video that is of poor quality when your expectations are so much higher; so not understanding the equipment and doing things like not running the audio properly, or not even purchasing the correct type of equipment for the event you are having are big mistakes.”
– Synthesis CEO B.J. Koubaroulis

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