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How to Shoot High-Quality Event Video, Part IV: Execution

Stop. Before you read this post, make sure you’ve read this one.

That’s our post on planning a conference or event video. And I’m urging you to read that first, because if you plan properly for an event video, execution — the topic of this post — is simple.

(This is Part IV of a five-part series on event video, by the way. Planning was Part I, Part II was about getting the right equipment, and Part III was about branding your event video. Part V, coming soon, will focus on distribution.)

Execution is usually the simplest of the five phases, because all you have to do is carry out your plan.

If you followed our tips on planning, you should have asked the right questions about your project, done a walk-through of the venue in advance, and contacted the important players on-site — also in advance of the event.

With those elements taken care of, the first step in execution is making sure that your company has a production plan for the event. We’re not talking about a verbal plan, shared in a quick meeting. It needs to be a written plan, created, edited and discussed well in advance of your event or conference.

These are the components you need to include in a proper production plan:

• Call times and a detailed agenda for the key players on your team, with all important dates and tasks listed

• The locations where the speaker or speakers will stand during the event

•  The number of cameras to be used and the location at which each should be set up

•  Whether any speakers will use presentation software such as PowerPoint and, if so, details on how the cameras will capture both the person talking and the screen

Everyone in the production team should have this plan in hand well in advance and should bring it to the event. If you have a solid plan and follow it, the event video will go smoothly even if problems arise. Remember, identifying common problems is a crucial step during the planning phase.

“If you have done all the steps in advance in planning, then your execution should simply be showing up and knocking it out.”
-CEO B.J. Koubaroulis

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