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How to Shoot High-Quality Event Video, Part III: Branding

When your company or organization produces a video from a conference or event, much of the focus will be on the content. And it should be.

But how will you ensure that viewers remember who was responsible for that content?

One important way is branding.

In today’s post, the third of a five-part series focusing on the crucial aspects of event video, we’ll share our tips on making sure a video carries the branding needed to make sure the message — and messenger — sticks in viewers’ minds.

Branding Your Next Conference or Event Video

Whether you’re live-streaming an event or recording it for replay on your website, you should always make sure your brand is front and center. Here are our tips for effectively branding an event video:

• Use motion graphics as well as small logos in the corners of the screen throughout the video.

• When the video is being live-streamed or has been posted online, make sure it’s easy to find on your website and on the page in which the video “lives.” Navigation, prominent homepage links and clean, simple page design all contribute to your video’s visibility.

• The page that houses your video should include branding elements — it may seem redundant, but make sure your surround the video player with key branding elements.

• Make sure you edit the video to show your company in the best possible light. Using a trained videographer (in house or external),  picking appropriate music and engaging graphics are a big part of this process.  Without a professional-looking and -sounding final product, you will not create positive interest in your brand.

• You will also want to brand your organization through social media, but this will be discussed more in the distribution phase.

“The purpose of the video should be to create more interest in your company, and you want to create the right kind of interest.”
-CEO B.J. Koubaroulis

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