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How to Shoot High-Quality Event Video, Part I: Planning

Video has become an essential part of any event or conference. Obviously, you need event video to allow people to watch later and to create a live stream online.

But event video has a more fundamental value: It ensures that your message, ideas and brand will spread.

Many event planners, however, are not sure how they can successfully integrate video into their events. They have questions about the kind of equipment needed, for instance, or how to shoot video with high-quality picture and audio.

This blog post and the four we have planned for the coming days will help answer those kinds of questions. We feel we have identified the five most important aspects of successfully incorporating video into an event: planning, equipment, branding, execution and distribution. At any kind of event or conference, these five factors are the keys to achieving your video production goals.

Today, in the first of a five-part series, I will discuss the importance of planning. In future posts, I will delve into the remaining four components.

Planning may sound like a dry topic, but it is the most important step in the process. If overlooked, you will struggle to produce a quality video that effectively represents your organization.

The three crucial components of event video planning are learning everything you can about the project, the venue and the key contacts at the venue.

1. Understanding Why You’re Shooting Event Video

The first thing to do when planning to shoot video at an event is make sure you thoroughly understand what the event organizer hopes to accomplish with the video project. This helps answer many questions, from where to set up cameras to how to distribute the videos after the event.

Here are important questions we ask event organizers before getting started:

Will a live stream enhance your end goals, or is a video for replay on your website sufficient?

How will the final video be presented, and who will it be presented to?

What is your timeline for distributing the video to the audience?

What is your budget for making and distributing the video?

2. How Will the Venue Affect the Video?

Many events and conferences are held at hotels, but no matter where your event is hosted, you need to do some scouting. We strongly recommend a walk-through at least a day prior to the actual event.

 When “scouting,” make sure you: 

Learn the layout of the room

Find the power sources

Decide which camera angles you would like to use

Locate the hard-wired Internet port for live streaming purposes, if you choose this route, and ensure that you can in fact transmit a live stream outside of the venue

Know how to properly record the audio through the in-house AV microphone

3. Who to Contact If There Are Problems

It’s important to touch base with the key players on-site before the day of the event. You need to think about what problems might arise and know who would be able to fix them.

The overall event organizer and the in-house audio/visual professional are people we make sure to talk to ahead of every event, of course. But the in-house IT specialist may be just as — or more — important. He or she  is usually the one you’ll need to contact if: 

• You have trouble accessing the Internet, via hard-wired ports or WiFi.

• You run into problems with the network’s firewall

• You need to know IP or Mac addresses, which are often required to push a livestream outside of the venue

If you cover these three bases as you plan, you should be set up to produce high-quality event video.  If you have questions, don’t hesitate to drop us a line, using our contact form, or on Twitter or Facebook.

“Planning is the most important part of any event video you will do. In the planning process, you learn everything about the project, the venue and the correct contacts and people on site.”
– Synthesis CEO B.J. Koubaroulis

Questions? Comments? Let us know by submitting a question on our contact form or by tweeting at B.J. (@bjkoub).

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