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How to Shoot High-Quality Event Video, Part V: Distribution

You’ve planned well, executed flawlessly and recorded and edited a fantastic video. Congratulations.

Now, how can you make sure people actually watch your video?

That’s where distribution comes in.

Distribution is the final element of our five-part series on event video, Planning was Part I, Part II was about getting the right equipment, Part III was about branding your event video, and Part IV was about execution.

Distribution is how you spread your message about your company, your brand and your ideas. If your video is distributed properly and effectively, you’ll accomplish what you set out to do when planning an event video.

Many companies go through the trouble of shooting five or more hours of video at a conference and then upload it all to YouTube or the company’s website at once. And that’s all they do.

Unsurprisingly, these companies don’t see much benefit from their video efforts.

Today’s average internet user will spend less than two minutes watching a video online — less if they are on a mobile device.

With that fact in mind, here are the keys to distribution of your video:

• In the planning phase, you should decide what your end-goal is for the video. This will influence how you plan, shoot, edit and, ultimately, distribute your video online.

• It is okay to post the video in its entirety on your website or on YouTube, but it can be more effective to post 30- to 45-second clips of interesting portions of the video online. It makes it easier for potential viewers to find the topics they are interested in, and it’s more time-efficient for them, as well.

• These shorter videos also should be shared on your company’s social media sites and your company’s website. They are much more easily digested by your audience and will entice people to come back to your site and boost your traffic and brand.

“Distribution is important, and if done right, is extremely effective in spreading your message and getting the word out about your company, your brand, and your ideas.”
-CEO B.J. Koubaroulis

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