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LaxSportsNetwork partners with Synthesis Multimedia to produce 10 high school lacrosse games

CHECK OUT THE FULL SCHEDULE OF GAMES Feb. 3, 2016 — Synthesis Multimedia and DMVSTREAM.COM have partnered with with LaxSportsNetwork.com, a 24-hour digital sports network dedicated to the sport of lacrosse, to produce a series of about a dozen high school lacrosse broadcasts LIVE at LaxSportsNetwork.com. The series of broadcasts will feature some of the […]

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video distribution

How to Shoot High-Quality Event Video, Part V: Distribution

You’ve planned well, executed flawlessly and recorded and edited a fantastic video. Congratulations. Now, how can you make sure people actually watch your video? That’s where distribution comes in. Distribution is the final element of our five-part series on event video, Planning was Part I, Part II was about getting the right equipment, Part III was about branding your […]

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How to Shoot High-Quality Event Video, Part IV: Execution

Stop. Before you read this post, make sure you’ve read this one. That’s our post on planning a conference or event video. And I’m urging you to read that first, because if you plan properly for an event video, execution — the topic of this post — is simple. (This is Part IV of a five-part series […]

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How to Shoot High-Quality Event Video, Part III: Branding

When your company or organization produces a video from a conference or event, much of the focus will be on the content. And it should be. But how will you ensure that viewers remember who was responsible for that content? One important way is branding. In today’s post, the third of a five-part series focusing on the crucial […]

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How to Shoot High-Quality Event Video, Part II: Equipment

In our last post, we explained why planning is so important to any video project. But the perfect plan can fall apart quickly if you use the wrong tools. At a video shoot, your tools are the equipment: the cameras, microphones, tripods, cables and more. In today’s post, the second of a five-part series focusing on the crucial aspects […]

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How to Shoot High-Quality Event Video, Part I: Planning

Video has become an essential part of any event or conference. Obviously, you need event video to allow people to watch later and to create a live stream online. But event video has a more fundamental value: It ensures that your message, ideas and brand will spread. Many event planners, however, are not sure how […]

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Georgetown renews sports streaming relationship with Synthesis Multimedia

August 25, 2015 — Georgetown University has renewed its live streaming and broadcast relationship with Synthesis Multimedia Productions, confirming the fourth consecutive year of a partnership that has helped the Hoyas’ athletic department broadcast its sports live to the web. “We choose Synthesis to enhance our streaming capabilities for guhoyas.com as they provide excellent service to […]

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